My Wish for Liu Kang for Mortal Kombat X!

I'm crossing my fingers hoping Liu Kang will appear in MK X as a darker, twisted version of himself after Raiden accidentally killed him.  If Shinnok had the dead protagonists as his phantom warriors, Liu Kang would definitely be included.  So I thought what if Shinnok turns the Mortal Kombat champion into a darker, more twisted version of himself?  You could get loads of a dark twist on Liu Kang himself!

Liu Kang in MK Legacy went from hero to a darker version of himself after winning the first tournament.  MK X should consider making Liu Kang now a darker, twisted version of himself and make one of his modes as "Evil Liu Kang" similar to Evil Ryu from Street Fighter.  I mean, Liu Kang IS the Ryu of Mortal Kombat!  Liu Kang's MK9 non-canon ending has him becoming an unjust god, which MK9 Shang Tsung's ending has that in connection.  Though both endings are not canon but I don't see any reason why a darker, twisted Liu Kang shouldn't exist.  I would want this Liu Kang, vengeful against Raiden for having accidentally killed him.

Meanwhile Netherrealm Studios could try to examine Evil Ryu.  While I was glad to play Liu Kang than none in MK Deception, he had one fatality that really agreed to his evil self... but I just thought they should give Liu Kang a series of moves that he never had.  For example, he might want to get his moves powered up, him teleporting and doing ghastly fatalities.  They may want to think, "What if Evil Ryu went more evil than he was?"  My ideal fatality for Liu Kang is a bloody version of the Shun Goku Satsu where he beats up the enemy to a bloody pulp or another is where Liu Kang impales the opponent with chains.  Return the chains from MK Deception and weaponize them!


  1. It has happened but he's like my favourite character! I wanted him to become good again :/

    1. I also feel you considering he's my favorite character.


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