Remembering the First Tekken Game

Back in 1995, Tekken became a popular hit.  Tekken was a game that featured a unique type of gameplay which featured realistic fighting moves (while it's set with loads of sci-fi) in contrast to others that had projectile moves, a button was made for each limb in contrast to the use of strengths of punches and kicks and it was all but the beginning.

Tekken though it was still in its starting point, had much better graphics than Virtua Fighter's blocky graphics.  It was Virtua Fighter's direct rival.  A lot of fans were not only attracted to its graphics but also to its interesting gameplay.  Now I would admit moves back then were pretty hard to execute and  the A.I. was usually cheap.  What do you expect from an old game?  It featured eight characters, each character had a different sub-boss before you meet the final boss.

Ah yes, Heihachi back then was a total cheating bastard.  Compared to Jinpachi in Tekken 5 or Hehiachi in Tekken 4, this version of Heihachi was all too powerful as a final boss to the point, it was better off not making him playable.  It usually took a lot of patience to be able to beat this final boss and sometimes, one is forced to being cheap at the same time.  Fortunately Tekken's staff were able to learn from their mistakes in the first game.

Tekken was the first game to feature animated endings, which made playing the game through all that grueling much worth it for an animated ending.  The first game only had eight, the unlocked sub-bosses had no endings until Tekken 2 and beyond.  Tekken 1's endings back then were still pretty basic considering it was still the first game.  The experiments would reveal what Namco needed to do for Tekken in the future!


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