My Dream DLC For Mortal Kombat X: Lara Croft!

Call me crazy but I do have my latest dream DLC which may not really come to pass considering Eidos may not agree with it.  But here's my dream DLC that I have thought of for some time namely Lara Croft.  I sort of thought of it that maybe, I'm not all that fond of Cassie Cage, so I dreamed up of making Lara Croft my DLC.  She will possess moves such as the use of her guns, a knife slash, grappling rope, while she may also use a three hit kick attack and a dashing punch attack.  My X-Ray move for Lara Croft will be brutal.  First she uses her grappling rope then she breaks the ribs, she gets her uzis and shoots the stomach with both of them then she slams the opponent away.

My ideal variations for Lara Croft are Explorer, Raider and Adventurer.  Explorer variation will allow Lara Croft to pull her opponents towards her.  The Raider variation will use her rope away from the opponents plus she can fire her guns in three directions, plus she can use a stun bomb at her opponents allowing for more free hits.  The Adventurer variation will allow her to use her ropes to pull away or push away opponents.

So I also thought of her fatalities would be for my imaginative concept.  Lara Croft's first fatality involves her using her grappling rope, pulling the opponent near her, she gets her knife and cuts off the throat of the opponent, letting them gush blood and she shoots the opponent's knees.  The second fatality would involve her shooting the opponent's legs then she uses her knife and she uses her rope to strangle the opponent until the head comes off.

My imagined dialogue she will have with Shinnok would be, "So a mere adventurer tries to defeat me eh?" then she says, "I'll send you back to Hell where you belong Hellspawn!"  To be honest, I can imagine Lara Croft facing against Shinnok and saving the world.


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