My Confessions As A Kazuya Mishima And Jin Kazama Tekken Player

As a Tekken fan who didn't instantly like the game due to its "oddity" but later on, I would practically warm up to the game, maybe because I believe that my bloodline is cursed or something. I'll admit that with my very first Tekken games were played in the arcade, I played Tekken 3 in my now defunct Playstation One, I would later play Tekken 4 and 5 on my Playstation 2, and currently I have Tekken 6 and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 on the Playstation 3. But now it's time to go back in time and I'll admit, at first I was more of a King player but as time passed, I was more of a Kazuya player.

Maybe, just maybe for some reason, Kazuya defines my playing style as cheap and aggressive in contrast to Jin from Tekken 4 onwards was a more defensive player. Back then, it wasn't that possible to spam the Tequila Sunrise (spin kick) but again, Kazuya was my favorite player. Maybe it's because I held a grudge that badly his aggressive personality appealed to me. As an 11-year old child, I dreamed of becoming a CEO and would start doing stuff that he did like genetic manipulation to create monsters to help me conquer the world, kidnapping for large sums of money and the like for the sake of revenge. I always thought of how he became my number one favorite character that with him missing in Tekken 3, I wanted to yawn the game out but still had fun with the game playing as Jin since he was more or less a Kazuya clone until the coming forth of the Tekken 4 game. 

Tekken 4 (a game that I hardly play as much as much due to the overly easy sidestepping and I find myself not liking the Playstation 2 Mortal Kombat games that much as a result) and Tekken 5 would challenge me to a whole new level of preference between the "two evil stars". Who am I going to make my top one favorite? Would it be Kazuya or Jin? Back in Tekken Tag Tournament, Jin was a clone of Kazuya in some way, while possessing his unique moves, he was more or less similar to Kazuya. But remember in Tekken 4 and onward, Jin's fighting style had been changed from the Mishima style karate to traditional karate. I was glad to see Kazuya again and I'd spam that spin kick of his at unsuspecting players then mix up with other cheap strategies. So again, Kazuya's style wins for me. In short, I am divided on who I prefer to use more - Kazuya or Jin which is weird considering that, both father and son are not in good terms at more than one level no thanks to Heihachi kickstarting all the events that awakened the Devil within the person of Kazuya.

Another character I'd actually use more is Devil Jin, even if he was not a separate character but let's say, the darker side of Jin, he is treated as a separate character in the roster select screen. You know, just like how Ryu and Evil Ryu even if they are one and the same being, they are two different personalities. I was pretty disappointed with not having Devil around after Tekken 2 except in Tekken Tag Tournament (and remember, select Kazuya and Devil and tagging in/out becomes an in-game transformation instead). So really, I took a fancy on Devil Jin but in the long run, I was still more of Kazuya player. 

Fortunately Tekken Tag Tournament 2 brought Devil as an in-game transformation for Kazuya and I'd really say YEHEY to that at more than one level. True there was Devil Jin in the game but I was so glad to be Devil Kazuya even if I don't start as him, I could become him as Kazuya even if that move left me open. But still, I enjoyed the screech that Kazuya in Devil mode possessed but I also enjoyed using Devil Jin in the same game. When I think about it, I would still like to use Jin's more defensive technique but when I'm feeling EEEEVVVVIILLLLL at more than one level, Kazuya is where I'm really home at. Maybe it's because I'm a more aggressive and less strategic player but at times, Jin's fighting style is what appeals to me.

At the end of the day, I still find myself as a Kazuya player instead of a Jin player but at a very small gap. Perhaps it's because I have a bad temper or two, because I was sort of an antagonistic offpsring myself. It might also be because as a teenager, I had a rather tense interaction with a sweet and innocent girl who I dreamed of violating (though some sources state that Kazuya did not rape Jun), then later I had a nightmare of meeting my son who I'm also antagonistic with. When I think of that interaction I had with a sweet and innocent girl back in high school (plus I had a crush on Jun Kazama back then), somehow even the slightest touch of her had a mysterious effect though I'm glad I didn't bang her and have an antagonistic offspring soon enough. Even if fiction and reality are different, I can't deny sometimes real life events inspire certain events in fiction after all, right? I guess that's why both the two evil stars are my favorite Tekken characters but Kazuya is still on top.


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