Jun Kazama And The Purity Of Her Soul...

I could blah all I want that one of my video game crushes as a child was Jun Kazama. But one thing was certain, there's more than that pretty face. She was really that pure soul that appeared canonically in Tekken 2 while she would get some exposure in the spinoff Tekken Tag series. She's revealed to be some kind of spiritual character where she sensed Kazuya's evil resulting to the desire to save him.

During the events of Tekken 2, Kazuya had become the obvious evil. For some reason, Jun was drawn to him mysteriously. She wanted to save whatever good was in Kazuya which may dismiss the whole "Kazuya raped Jun". Little was known of Jun as she was a mysterious woman and when or how she and Kazuya conceived Jin Kazama was unknown. It's probably possible that if she wasn't raped, she had fallen for Kazuya (and vice versa) leading to them getting intimate creating the Angel character.

What happened to her in Tekken 3 is still unknown. In between Tekken 2 and 3, not only did she give birth to Jin but she also trained him. She sensed the great evil coming that was Ogre. I don't know what she ate when she told her son Jin to seek refuge to his paternal grandfather Heihachi that time. I mean, doesn't she have any other relatives? Why not leave Jin with her brother? I guess she didn't know the true nature of Heihachi that time in contrast to Kazuya's. She went missing though she did have an influence on her son Jin.

Tekken 4 was when she made a cameo. When Jin was about to kill both Kazuya and Heihachi to end the curse of the Mishima, it was probable that was either just Jin's vision or two, she had really died. It was her vision in Jin's mind that made him forsake revenge. It was also revealed that in Tekken 4 that the Kazama blood is the anti-thesis of the Devil Gene. When Kazuya tried to extract the other half of Devil in Jin, it's revealed that Jin's Kazama heritage is a hindrance to that which possibly led to Kazuya's defeat at the hands of Heihachi in Tekken 2.


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