Sometimes Frieza Reminds Me Of Me?!

After having some self-examination, I do hate to admit it what while I favorite Dragon Ball Z character is VEGETA (and me and him have ego and temper issues) but I am also reminded of Frieza in some ways. I used to get the remark that I am acting like Frieza towards others especially with how easily annoyed I am by even the slightest remark or disagreement, that I simply have the inner desire to finish anyone off who pisses me off... in fact, there's something in me that says, "You want to kill yourself because you refuse to follow rules, go ahead!"

During the scene he horribly blew up Planet Vegeta, it just reminded me I wanted to blow up an entire organization for the offense of one person. I said that I would be laughing while they blow up, seeing them wiped out and I would probably be so happy to see them die from the face of the Earth. So really... I always thought his approach in life still disturbs me especially I'm just okay with ending people's lives just because they piss me off. Then again, I'm probably just hallucinating again.


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