I'm Pretty Glad Toei And Saban Didn't Localize Any Of The Rescue Police Series!

It's no secret that Toei and Saban both worked together to create Power Rangers. Localizing for an American audience is no easy task. Don't believe me? Do a side by side comparison between Timeranger and Power Rangers Time Force. Compare the seriousness of Power Rangers Time Force with the much more serious Kamen Rider Faiz when it comes to the issue of racism. After watching Winspector (and currently Solbrain), it's a much bigger challenge to localize them than GoGoFive. GoGoFive isn't that serious compared to the Rescue Police.

After watching Metalder and some bits of Spielban, I can't watch VR Troopers the same way anymore. Metalder had a real plot going on that VR Troopers can't beat. If Toei and Saban decided to localize Rescue Police, it could come out pretty mediocre. Anybody can argue that there are good Power Rangers seasons, sometimes Power Rangers can do some things better (but not most of the time IMO) but I usually stick to the Japanese. It's not because it's Japanese or it's the original but because of the quality of the story. It's like how I think Erin Cahill's lively and not stiff compared to Mika Katsumura but I still think Timeranger's the better show.

I can't imagine how it would be if Rescue Police got localized by Toei and Saban for American audience. Winspector, Solbrain and Exceedraft may appeal to older audiences outside Japan but not to to the American audience. Some American actors can also carry out the part but I don't think the impact will be as good as the Japanese original. Maybe, just maybe I'm just too used to the more mature feel that Japanese shows had back in the 80s to 90s.


  1. The big reason why is that there is not enough action and there is too many Japanese actors around the SFX action scene. It was bad enough in Zyuranger to have Machicko Soga or Ami Kawai in it but the viewers didn't care.


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