My Thoughts On Solbrain In 29 Episodes!

Sailor Otaku (or alternatively called as Weeaboo Shogun for some reason) has been releasing Solbrain subs and it's been 29 subs. I find myself on a break from watching Kamen Rider Super-1 because Kamen Rider EX-AID is taking over my mind as well as I'm not truly a fan of the Showa era of Kamen Rider. I guess it's always ironic how I usually prefer older Super Sentai (but not before the Soda era) and I enjoy most of the new school Kamen Rider. But I'd like to talk about Solbrain as Winspector's successor.

Solbrain presents a lot of stuff that can't be found in Dekaranger or GogoFive. Dekaranger may be a popular series but lacks the depth found in Winspector or Solbrain (I'm yet to see Exceedraft). Not all the criminals just do crime for the sake of crime. It sought to expand on why some people do what they do and that the problem is in modern day society. One good example is how episode 26 featured a cold-hearted police officer who only sought to get rid of crime using brutal methods whenever possible. I thought Dekaranger could have used that kind of episode and an Alienizer who's not yet delete approved. I wish that Dekaranger made the Alienizer incidents more complicated. Solbrain tries to explore a lot of stuff that Winspector failed to explore like making the female ally a lot more involved. Junko's a hot badass but Reiko was more involved. Reiko gives first aid which is something Daiki doesn't do. It's sort of a complementary partnership.

Another one that I truly enjoyed was the three-part return of the legendary Ryoma Kagawa. There are times I feel like that not so many Tokusatsu heroes have the status of Ryoma nor are they truly worthy to shine his shoes. The three part crossover with Winspector had Ryoma hand over the Gigastreamer to his successor Daiki. I can't wait to see the episodes where Ryoma returns as Knight Fire to assist the team. I can't wait to see more of the series. Hopefully, I'll get to watch Exceedraft anytime soon as I'm not getting any younger.


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