Cobra Commander VS. Serpentor: Who's More Stupid As A Cartoon Villain?

G.I.Joe had two leaders for Cobra. One was Cobra Commander and the other is Serpentor. When Cobra's higher ups got fed up with Cobra Commander's Yosemite Sam antics, they created Serpentor but the new leader wasn't any better. Who's more stupid? Let's take an assessment of both leaders of Cobra and how they did as hammy leaders.

Cobra Commander

Cobra Commander was the founder of the Cobra. In  the G.I.Joe movie, he was actually chosen by Golobulus but he seemed to have his own motives all the time. So I thought he's crazy and loopy but also scheming at the same time. He's sort of the Megatron of G.I.Joe especially both share the same trait of "retreat" and threw tantrums at their subordinates. Difference is Cobra Commander's really that stupid compared to Destro who's a more intelligent version of Starscream. He could have fired Destro years ago but he just kept the same threat to his power intact. For that, he's really pretty stupid to keep Destro around even if he knows that the latter is always trying to overthrow him.


When Dr. Mindbender felt that they needed a new leader he just created another major moron of a leader. He wanted to create the Cobra Emperor from various tyrants like Napoleon Bonaparte, Genghis Khan, Ivan the Terrible and Atilla the Hun but ended up lacking the critical inclusion of Sun Tzu's DNA or failed to get a proper substitute. The result of adding Sgt. Slaughter's DNA instead of Mao Zedong's DNA. Mao could have given Serpentor a more strategic way of taking over Washington D.C. instead of becoming a major fiasco that could have ended Cobra so easily. He always blames Cobra Commander for his failures and even loses his temper a lot more. He doesn't even feel like that someone just wants his old job back so why does he even keep Cobra Commander around anyway?


My vote? I personally found Serpentor more stupid (and entertaining) as a comedic villain. Sure Cobra Commander was stupid but he wasn't all that stupid. Just face it... Cobra Commander was working to get rid of Serpentor behind the scenes one way or another and eventually succeeded after many failures. Serpentor was more or less too confident with himself even after many defeats. In Operation Dragonfire, Serpentor's lack of strategy resulted to his scheduled downfall at the hands of Cobra Commander. 


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