Jonathan Tzachor's Writing in Power Rangers

Well I'd like to give my critic on Jonathan Tzachor's writing.  Here are the two seasons he's involved in: Power Rangers Wild Force (his best) vs. Power Rangers Samurai (his worst but or maybe it's because I'm all grown up?!).  So here's what I think:

Power Rangers Wild Force- It potentially had the power to become better than Gaoranger in some ways.  Cole Evans was a pretty interesting character (and well, I think his conception brought the birth of comedic but way more bad-ass Jan Kandou in Gekiranger, both jungle boys) and that Master Org was simply wicked.  Gaoranger was a good series but IMO Wild Force had a little more drama, making the show not a copy/paste work.  Despite the flaws of Wild Force, it's a pretty awesome season although Rick Medina did turn out to be a douche. :(

Power Rnagers Samurai- Oh boy, this is a bad season IMO.  Why?  Well, he's not being creative.  I believe that Saban wanted an Asian red ranger but didn't get it but the script keeps going on as if they have one.  If they couldn't have one, the best they could do is to really write a script that would fit Jayden properly, not a script that treats Jayden for what he isn't.  Besides, the Mega Mode is useless, the whole story is a blander version of Shinkenger... man to the point my own fan fic really had to alter them.  Oh boy, only if he did just get creative. Spike is anything but useless here but certainly useful as a butt monkey though!


  1. He worked on PRiS and Time Force too you know. Wild Force was not his best work, nor was he executive producer. You're forgetting that a show isn't written by one single person too.

    1. Oh thanks for that information though I enjoyed Wild Force!


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