Cole's Bad Reception to Other Fans?

Cole Evans in PR Wild Force had some bad reception.  So what's with it?  PR Wild Force from what I heard had a mixed reaction from other fans especially with Rick Medina.  I thought of Mr. Smith's reactions to Rick Medina and his character.  You can read it here.  While I don't find Wild Force acting annoying but it's bland in due fairness.  So he was an Internet joke and two, I thought Rick Medina being a real douche was something that hit me hard considering he plays my favorite PR red ranger. What did I feel about it?  And Wild Force was a season criticized for bad acting, and I'm among a few to like it.

I had my thoughts on Cole Evans' character had some originality from his counterpart Kakeru Noboru in Gaoranger.  He had his backstory with Master Org.  However I do agree with Mr. Smith that Rick Medina's acting tends to ruin an otherwise good plot.  Some may even think that his occasional shirtless scenes are nothing more than just useless fanservice which I can agree on that.  Also, I thought that while I do like the character, I am really disappointed with the douche Rick Medina is and sometimes I wonder why he returned in PR Samurai as Deker (bad choice).

Which for one, I thought that Cole is literally a subject to severe criticism and a contrast to his actor.  I'm just expressing my opinion of somebody who has a different stand from the crowd.


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