Possible Metalder Influences in the Rockman/Megaman Series

Metalder for me had some possible influence on Megaman/Rockman himself although Metalder happens to be darker than the original series.  Here's where I'm seeing some similarities:

Metalder like Rockman was the first robot created with emotions.  While he was originally a weapon for World War 2, he became a weapon to defeat the evil Emperor Neros.  Like Rockman X, he can decide on his own.

Dr. Ryuichiro Koga who sadly dies at the first episode would be like like Dr. Light.  He creates Metalder as a "son" to defeat the evil Emperor Neros, who used to be an old friend of his.

Metalder like Rush is a robot dog.  He is Metalder's ally in battle.

Emperor Neros in Metalder (named after the historical Emperor Nero), he is a god complex character.  Like Dr. Wily, he seeks to control the world through his robotics.  Like Sigma in the Rockman X series, he doesn't care about anyone and manipulates everyone for his own convenience.

Some robot masters I think got inspiration from these guys:

Galador was probably used to design Shadowman for Rockman 3

Hedogoss was probably used to design Toadman for Rockman 4

Geldring was probably used to design Skullman for Rockman 4

Darbaro was probably used to design Napalmman for Rockman 5

Agmis was probably used to design Diveman from Rockman 4 and Waveman from Rockman 5.

Barbery was probably used to design Gyroman for Rockman 5.

Chuubo was probably used to design Yamato Man for Rockman 6

Hidouman was probably used to design Knightman in Rockman 6


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