Looking for Love in the Wrong Places: Tommy and Kat

Sorry I can't buy this either!

Another of the biggest pairing mistakes made in Power Rangers ever is during Power Rangers Zeo.  While I don't hate Kat nor have anything against her, again I am totally nailing the really bad writing of how she was treated.  So what happened?

During MMPR Season Three, Amy Jo Johnson wanted to depart presumably due to how Saban's crew was treating her character.  To be honest for her sake, leaving was good for her career.  The show was already getting overextended one way or another and no better stories were made.  Being stuck in Power Rangers is a very bad way to go.  So I can respect her decision of leaving but not what the writers eventually did the unthinkable one way or another.

During Zeo, either they wanted her back and can't get her or whatever reason, they really wrote a "F*CK YOU AMY JO" episode when Kimberly done the out of character Dear John letter.  I mean, the whole idea is that Kat is the new Kimberly, rather than Kat is her own character.  Just because Kat became Kimberly's replacement is not by any way proper to write such a lousy script as the "Dear John letter".  It really was nothing more than a spiting of the character if you ask me.

This is how it should have ended... not that what if Christmas season in Zeo... best Photoshop ever!

For one, Tommy and Kimberly were really meant to be written for each other even if Burai and Mei won't click.  I mean, the whole chemistry was really on Tommy and Kimberly.  The relationship could have continued off-screen and during Turbo, let Kimberly return back with him for awhile before she leaves again.  Then later, Tommy could have chased after her after he leaves midseason in Turbo.  WTF was Douglas Sloan thinking?!

At least Ryu and Kaori had hints of them landing on each other and he could have dated her a year after Vyram fell...

As said, this is a more forced romance than Ryu and Kaori in Jetman.  I mean, Ryu and Kaori though they did lack some chemistry, but think about how Jetman was after the break-up of Gai and Kaori.  Ryu could have fallen for Kaori after he got over Rie.  But Tommy and Kat?  It's just all so super awkward with all the bad writing that preceded it!


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