Kimberly Hart and Chisato Jougasaki Compared

Well I may have overlooked this or this is just a forced comparison (after making one with Mako).  No matter, I am compelled to write this on  Okay Kimberly wears PINK, Chisato wears YELLOW and that's where they differ aside from ethnicity and all.  Somehow, I can't help but force to see a similarity between Chisato and Kimberly namely...

Chisato has more or less the same similar charm with her smile, she's the hottest girl in school and she's very popular with the guys.  Good thing though that you don't have any bully crushing on her.

She's not the type to keep her mouth shut when she needs to tell you what went wrong.  In short, she's a very blunt character who doesn't care to tell you on your face that you're annoying and she is prone to making sarcastic and witty comments.

Like Kimberly, she's also the type to be very fond of children.  In episode 11, her fondness for children wasn't the only thing shown but like Kimberly, she is also very fashionable and feminine.

In episode 37 of Megaranger, it's revealed she can sing and she's also a calamity magnet like Kimberly.  I mean, think the number of times she was supposed to sing, something bad happens and now her voice got STOLEN.  I love the song at the end of the episode.  Although you might consider Kimberly's singing talent may have been copied from Rin in Dairanger.

Meanwhile, Megaforce had to Mega-Insult its viewers with Emma, a lame remake of Chisato.  Both of them are feminine characters who are camerawomen, and they can sing.  But yeah, Chisato over Emma FTW right?


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