My Comparison of Kimberly Hart and Mako Shiraishi

Well I'm just thinking that Mako seems to also have Kimberly Hart elements in her.  Aside from the obvious being really the hot chicks to their shows, here's some other attributes I think both have in common:

Both Mako and Kimberly love children.  Mako works as a kindergarten teacher, Kimberly mentioned in her MMPR fan club video that she wanted to be a schoolteacher (which is unknown if she really did as she never mentioned that in any series).  Mako as shown in "Nightly Tears of Sympathy", "Heavy Cries" and "Fatherly Love, Girlish Innocence" with her soft spot for children.  Kimberly has been shown to have a soft spot for kids as seen in episode 7 when Kimberly and Trini baby sat Maria.  Other pink rangers in Sentai who had a soft spot for children were Miki in Goggle V, Haruna in Turboranger, Mei in Zyuranger and Lin in Dairanger.

Both characters are portrayed to be feminine and fashionable in their own way.  While Kimberly happens to wear sexier clothes as a typical American girl, Mako hardly shows legs in the show.  But both appear pretty girly.  Mako isn't a valley girl though.

When it comes to fighting, I can't really call Mako's fighting spectacular.  Kimberly can fight but nothing impressive.  Mako's out of suits aren't impressive either.  I mean most of Mako's fight with Akumaro were done by the suit actor, not Rin Takanashi.  To be honest, neither Mako nor Kimberly would survive being beaten out of suit for long!

Both characters tend to get blunt in a wrong way as well as easily annoyed.  Kimberly told Billy in "Different Drum" after his mishap, that what he did wasn't the way to meet girls which was pretty blunt of her.  Mako in "Nightly Tears of Sympathy" was blunt to Ryunosuke that she was annoyed by him and even HIT him.  Both of them also like to fix broken people.

Both characters can sing.  Before them, Lin in Dairanger was a character who can sing but it as a mere voiceover.  In MMPR season two, Amy Jo Johnson revealed she can really sing.  In Shinkenger OVA, Mako revealed she can sing and it was Rin Takanashi's voice.

Just an iffy post!


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