So Power Rangers Wild Force Is An Unpopular Season?

What truly shocked me to think was that Power Rangers Wild Force is an unpopular season.  I read various reasons and I can agree with a few of them.  So what was really wrong with Wild Force?  I really want to show about some issues that were addressed.

Acting in Wild Force was really, really terrible for most audiences.  I wouldn't say they were overacting, they were mostly underacting.  I thought Princess Shayla was okay but she sounded more like a Disney princess.  Tetomu was much better than she was.  I don't think Rick Medina is a terrible actor considering he was still able to deliver his part but he's just... inadequate.  What was worse is that Rick did a lot of stuff that ruined him... however looks like he's changed for the better now.  If you ask me, Gaoranger's acting is much better than this show or its predecessor Time Force had a way better cast of actors.  Time Force was praised for good acting and Wild Force was criticized for bad acting.  In my own criticism, Wild Force's acting tends to bore me and after seeing Gaoranger, I end up liking Gaoranger more.

Forever Red is clearly inferior to Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai in terms of execution.  While it was nice to have a lot of senior cast return but the full potential was not explored so well.  Forever Red should have been a two parter, not a one parter.  As of late, I am thinking it's stupid that Cole defeats Serpentera just like that.  As much as I imagine Cole to possess extraordinary strength in terms of his physique,  I thought that the Forever Red episode could have actually focused on some Orgs that weren't used or freaking have the whole Wild Force team in it!  I would have actually established the plan where a Power Rangers version of Rakusha (from Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai) temporarily overpowers Mandilok forcing Toxica and Jindrax.  The red rangers of the past then gather to reestablish the Wild Force Rangers back to shape.

Well I can understand why it's unpopular but I am not letting it affect my overall stand.  I still think it's a passable season even if I think Gaoranger is the better season.


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