Wishful Thinking: Chad Lee's Martial Arts Episode

Chad Lee's martial arts focused episode in Lightspeed Rescue did show some decent amounts of original footage. Him fighting Cyclopter one on one shows that, "Mike Chat beats overrated JDF anytime!" Though I really had a thought that if Judd Lynn could copy ideas from Dynaman, Flashman and Changeman and Americanize them for Power Rangers then here's an idea that could've been used in Lightspeed Rescue.

What could have been better is not that "Chad meets his martial arts master." because I felt like he's qualified to teach a bunch of kids. Instead, what if the Fiveman episode where Ken Hoshikawa beats Amoeba Rugin got copied into Lightspeed Rescue? What if Chad decided to fight Cyclopter out of suit to teach a couple of kids who feel like giving up not to give up?

What are your thoughts?


  1. I feel like that episode should've been like the episode in MMPR "Green No More" when Tommy loses his powers and ends up fighting Goldar out of suit. Goldar then taunts him trying to make Tommy lose confidence cause he's not a ranger anymore, but instead boosts Tommy more by reminding him of his great heroics he's done
    I feel the whole monster being trained by Chad's master was clichéd cause we knew the monster would turn on the master. Then Chad would come and show his master that he still remembers all that he was taught
    But I do agree, Mike Chat was a great choice for ranger. However, do you think he could've fit better in a different season of power rangers? Like I could've seen him casted as the blue ranger "Power Rangers In Space" or maybe even in Ninja Storm? What do you think?


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