Did Judd Lynn Originally Intend Queen Bansheera To Be Minus Energy?

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue featured Queen Bansheera as Grandienne's counterpart. So I'm wondering did Judd Lynn originally want to do the Minus Energy plot from GoGoFive but it didn't get the go signal? Maybe yes... maybe no. What producers (if ever) possibly remembered was that splices of Dai Satan's summoning in Zyuranger were used in Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. I guess that scene when Rita Repulsa summoned Lokar didn't work too well with parents. Lord Zedd started out as an intimidating, scary villain but was later toned down to a joke character (personality wise) while retaining his pull no punches personality after marrying Rita.

The ending of Lightspeed Rescue had them all confront Bansheera in her palace. The scene where both Diabolico and Olympius were turned into destructive monsters was taken from GoGoFive. So it's highly possible that Lynn himself wanted to turn Bansheera into Minus Energy incarnate for Lightspeed Rescue but the nightmare fuel involved was too great. I guess soccer moms may have complained about the scenes where Rita summoned Lokar so the whole plan sank down. Then again, Lost Galaxy had a rather scary finale and Trakeena herself was no joke villain. But again, what if parents complained (again) during Lost Galaxy's finale arc that it was "too scary"?


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