The Megaman Legends Series

I kind of thought that this game with only two games was a heated debate among fans whether it was truly "Megaman". Why? In the first place, Megaman Legends is NOT the standard Megaman game of beating Mavericks in a desired order, rather it is an adventure RPG-like game that involves Megaman and his spotter Roll together with Gramps in search for refractors. However it does hold tribute to the Megaman series and the X series in some ways to which it isn't related.

The gameplay involves Megaman with a buster gun that he upgrades rather than do the charged shots move, presumably to make the game easier since it's in 3D. Like any adventure game as of late, you only have ONE chance to beat an enemy and poof- you're dead. That means when it's game over, you have to reload so it's pretty much quite of the Resident Evil type.

Also the game revolves around digs and Mavericks. There are enemies in the game called Reaverbots with some having designs similar to some previous enemies in the non-Legends Megaman series. The plotline doesn't involve much on what the Megaman or X series was- it's pretty more lighthearted rather than see civilians die just like that.

The recurring antagonists happen to be the Bonnes a family of maverick reploid robots that were created by a mysterious scientist who is presumably dead (as evidenced in the spin-off Tron Bonne game where Teisel mentions of their "late mother" so I assume she might have been the one who created them to be mavericks). So far they are the goofiest set of mavericks in the Megaman series, compared to the X series where it was a pretty dark era. However they are NOT the final enemies but the real antagonists are linked to the reaverbots in the ruins.

The reaverbots just who were they? What amused me is that they bear Sigma's forehead insignia which may suggest Sigma is actually a member of the "Ancients" himself. The first game featured Megaman Juno who may have been the inspiration for Megaman X8's Lumine as the last boss, who plans to restart Kattlelox so I assume he has a deadly virus to make the robots go Maverick and kill the inhabitants in the island. I assume he and Lumine are the same being. Later we also learn of Sera and Yuna, two reploids later mistaken to be goddesses. Featured was also Elysium which I assume Megaman built back in the X series, only to destroy it. Yuna may have been responsible for Megaman's restoration in the X series. I assume the reaverbots were created to protect the secrets of the past century (21XX) and it's amazing though they are still active, after all this is all FICTION!

The first game was okay, the second game was really more awesome with a better plot and harder bosses but both are a must-have for any Megaman fan who wants to try something new. So I won't spoil everything and just buy those games.

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