Sigma's Got to be the Coolest Villain in Megaman

If any Megaman villain deserves the title of being the most radical, cool and probably the most evil, it would be Sigma. Why? Well let's think about his history and all. So it's kind of interesting that he started of as a Maverick hunter but maybe, just maybe he was faking it all along in order to take over. He was the most evil fallen angel of the series and one good reason why men should be happy that the series is all fiction. Well robots do have souls in Megaman (like in Dragon Ball Z) and they're not in the afterlife until their back-ups are totally destroyed. Think about that!

He's just so scary it's not going to be fit for a U.S. cartoon for children. He outbeats Dr. Wily (who may be alive in the form of Serges) and he is far more evil. I kind of thought that he was perhaps, once human or maybe not. But he is far more human than any reploids, that is on the bad side suggesting he may have been once human but how he keeps surviving is something left unexplained.

So I have my theory- maybe like the Great Leader in Kamen Rider, he usually presents a decoy he programs to act like him and when Megaman and Zero destroy it, he is revealed to be still alive, they go after him only to find out they killed another decoy. He may have appeared in negotiations in person while he has sent his decoys to prevent himself from being killed. In Megaman X2, he introduced the Sigma virus which was just another decoy. In Megaman X3, Sigma was thought to have died but was alive and well in Megaman X4, maybe perhaps proof that our heroes kept fighting decoys. In Megaman X4, his past with the law was revealed and he like a corrupt politician, turned against the law at his own will, suggesting that he may have been once human since reploids are more limited than humans.

I kind of liked how he soon became more involved with Zero than Megaman. Why? He learned of Zero's secrets, about Zero being intended to succeed Dr. Wily (who may be a cyborg since he implied that they met or a time machine... whatever) but he took over that mantle. He once implied he was created by Dr. Wily, so maybe it's true then they attempted to program him to become good but he was just another sneak. Megaman was of course tortured by this that he kept trying to undo Zero's redemption which he failed in many times. In Megaman X5, he was seemingly destroyed only to be brought back by in X6 by Gate. It's possible that Sigma was rendered in a comatose condition due to an extreme use of his power or that he prepared another decoy to fool Megaman and Zero. In X7, he seems to be facing them in actual as the final battle doesn't show him dead. In X8, he may have met his last or is it?

Comment: I kind of also noticed that Sigma does have some "copy moments". In X5, the final battle is almost like in the first X game but actually IMO a little easier because the weapon energy gets fully recharged every time you lose. Another is that in X8, his final form kind of resembles Abyss from Marvel vs. Capcom 2 which I believe is an implication that Abyss (NOT THE MARVEL ABYSS) may be Sigma in the non-canon Marvel vs. Capcom 2 game.


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