Kimberly Hart's Unwanted Suitors in Power Rangers

It has come into my attention that the lovely Kimberly Hart had some unwanted suitors in MMPR and they are:

Skull- For a number of episodes, he's been after her and it made his situation worse when Tommy arrived. When Kimberly Hart fell for him under a love potion, his dream came true only for an episode but it wasn't real feelings. I personally thought this was disgusting.

Lord Zedd- This was pretty disgusting. So he requires a bride and he fell for Kimberly Hart. Well, I guess she's just that hot. Hmmm... and he wanted her for only one episode fortunately. I personally found the episode too disgusting. Fortunately he found the bride that serves him well- Rita Repulsa. He did forget about her after that one episode and that was a relief.  I guess he knows EVIL when he can have it and he's not overly fixated... but he got overly fixated over Rita even after the love potion was gone.


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