Wishful Thinking: Who I Wished as Poison Ivy in the Batman Film

I was watching that horrible Batman and Robin film and I thought about the worst fact of the movie was how she was executed.  I would address the movie's version which for me was just plain horrible.

I didn't think Uma Thurman was even a good choice for the movie.  While I didn't complain too much of the plot but the actress herself for me wasn't adequate.  I don't even find Uma Thurman's appeal to be the type that I want to kiss me to my death as a mercy killing.  IMO, the actress just felt super duper flat when it came to the role of the seductive Poison Ivy.

Call me crazy but I personally think Amy Jo Johnson should have been Poison Ivy.  She's prettier, sexier and a better actress.  I always wanted to imagine her as Poison Ivy for the film.  She can talk pretty sexy if you ask me!  Her acting as Kimberly would have trained her already for that part.


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