My Current Impression with Megaforce

Well Power Rangers Megaforce is coming to an end.  Now I am going to give my current impression on it...

The cast of characters.  Okay I don't think PR Samurai's cast is all that horrid but I'd say they were really undertrained or more likely, too much copy/paste from Samurai Sentai Shinkenger to the point the author forgot that he isn't handling an all Japanese team but a multiracial team.

On the other hand, I'll just admit the show is more of a guilty pleasure.  Then again, it's like as if I don't tend to treat Super Sentai like that.  I mean, you may want to know this that Shinkenger is also in my guilty pleasure list.  I would admit I am pretty much infatuated with the appearances of Ciara Hanna and Christina Masterson though I like Ciara Hanna better.  Then again, I've been watching Super Sentai girls a lot as well.

There's just some ship teases if you ask me. Well we have the Troy/Emma shipping, the Troy/Gia shipping or an exploration of Jake's crush on Gia.  In the Halloween episode, there's some hints between Gia and Jake while in some episodes, it seems there's some hints between Gia and Troy.  I was thinking I'm more of the Troy/Gia shipper but my reasons are pretty superficial one way or another because they look better together.  I just thought maybe a Troy/Emma shipping has better chemistry.

I would probably say that good thing the cast is starting to get better clothes to wear than their default ones, though we still see them dress up in their standard clothes like most Tokusatsu warriors do.  It's probably just a fashion sense.  Meanwhile, despite the rather rushed plot as the first 20 episodes is based on Goseiger and the next 20 will be based on Gokaiger, it does have a sloppy concept but better execution compared to Power Rangers Samurai.

Meanwhile I do like the creativity that was dealt with the villains during this series.  In Goseiger, remember the factions were changing one arc after the other with Buredoran manipulating them.  In here, Vrak is also doing the same but they entered into alliances while never appearing together due to footage restraints.  For me it was creative but too bad, it'll come to an end so easily.  Events here will be very rushed because the second half will be dealing with using Gokaiger as its basis.


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