Dr. Wily's Revival in the X Series?

Although Sigma had become the ultimate big bad in Megaman X (and got a very karmic end in Megaman X8 as Lumine betrays him), Dr. Wily seems to be still around in Megaman X or not?  Now we see these possible characters:

Well it's been 100 years after the original Megaman which would say Dr. Wily had died.  In fact, Megaman X despite what Reploid Lavatory says is another character over Megaman, it's mostly possible that Megaman X is Megaman "reborn" into a completely new character with no memories of the past.  Now what's the connection to Dr. Wily?  Remembering Megaman X2, we are introduced to this character known as Serges.  Serges looks like a mechanical Dr. Wily and if you fight him in the Sigma Fortress second stage, he pilots a machine.  Also he is interested with Zero which will later emerge itself in X4, revealing WHO created Zero.  Unlike Dr. Light who made an AI version of himself to serve X's purpose, Dr. Wily seems to be still alive somewhere as a robot but too bad this wasn't elaborated at all.

In Megaman X4, pay attention to Zero's introduction.  Dr. Wily appears and tells Zero to go and destroy Megaman.  So Zero after being defeated by Sigma before the latter's promotion to becoming Megaman's most cruel nemesis, he was also the carrier of the Maverick Virus.  In Megaman 8, there is the Evil Energy and in Megaman 10, the Roboenza.  What's possible is that Dr. Wily may have either created Serges to replace him or he IS Serges.  Serges was absent from X3-X4.  In Bass' ending in Power Battle 2, Dr. Wily reveals his plans to create Zero.  All this was getting into place.

Megaman X5 throws back to a lot of NES Megaman games.  First you have the Bio Devil in the Sigma Fortress, you have the Dark Hold, you also might consider when the Bio Devil reaches its near death state it becomes a Skull Tank and in the stage where you fight either Megaman X or Zero (depending on who you use), the W sign for Wily is at the background of the whole fight.  When you fight Sigma, he refers he got a "new partner" who "knew Megaman well" which is all in present tense hinting either Wily is still around or Wily time traveled to give Sigma the "Gamma like body" which is tougher to beat than the Megaman 3 Gamma robot piloted by Dr. Wily.  So X is simply Megaman rebooted into a totally different personality.

In Megaman X6, we see Isoc who is sadly never fought.  If you beat Hi-Max with Zero, not Megaman X, you get to see Isoc revealing he knows much of Zero. So it's possible that Isoc is either Dr. Wily or a cyborg based on Dr. Wily.  So what could have happened in all those years?  I think while he was trying to regain his former glory, Sigma again came back which is just bad news for him.

I believe somewhere in the Megaman series before the 22nd Century, Dr. Wily must have been rebuilding himself into a machine slowly as the series passed by behind the scenes to replace his aging parts until he became a complete machine.  I mean in Megaman 8, how can Dr. Wily even survive in a volcano base?  I was theorizing that somewhere in Megaman 7 when he created Bass, he must have actually started to slowly turn himself into a complete robot.  In Megaman 7, I even theorize that Dr. Wily was already part machine by that time, considering that his new robot masters were awakened by his absence.  During the time he created Zero, he must have also sealed himself away but only later to find out that he was outdone by Sigma.  I mean in X2, he is working with Sigma either so he could take over Sigma's forces or because he has no choice for his survival.  Dr. Wily was pretty cunning but Sigma just overpowered him.  I mean, Sigma is no beg for mercy guy when he's defeated, Wily is just a cowardly fool.

For Axl in Megaman X7, I can only assume that Dr. Wily in any form could have been involved yet again.  In fact, Axl COULD be Bass rebooted into a totally different person for all we know.  Maybe Bass was killed by Zero during the event before X but was later found by either Dr. Wily or Red.  After all, Bass was a master actor, so was Axl a master actor and saboteur.  Bass and Axl kinda play alike and are very arrogant characters who only want to be the best who also have great acting skills  So it's possible behind the scenes, Dr. Wily revived Bass as Axl but this time, Bass went from villain to anti-hero to hero in three leaps.

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