Bass and Axl Comparison in Gameplay

Both Bass and Axl were introduced in the seventh game of their respective series.  Bass was presented as a villain in Megaman 7 as Dr. Wily's new robot to counter Megaman.  In Megaman X7, Axl was introduced as an anti-hero who belonged to Red Alert who is in a difficult alliance with Zero and Megaman X.  Now for the gameplay differences.

Bass- In the game "Megaman and Bass" which was first released as "Rockman and Forte" in Japan (that game is super hard), Bass can double-jump (like Zero), dash and fire his buster shots anywhere.  Unlike Megaman, Bass doesn't use charged shots (in contrast to Megaman Power Battle 1 and 2).  Here Bass uses the Bass Buster which uses rapid shots making it hard to defeat bosses since he has to stand still while he fires.  To be honest, playing as Bass can be very frustrating in fighting against the bosses in Megaman and Bass because of his don't run with a gun trope.

Axl- A Bass-inspired character- cocky, arrogant and wants to best out Megaman X and Zero.  He is initially part of the enemy forces (but playable at the beginning) where he has no choice but to team up with the Maverick hunters.  Unlike Bass he uses air hover and he can air dash.  Also when he fires bullets (from his pistol though and he can fire it at several directions like Bass can) at the air, he flies in the air while doing it.  Like Bass, Axl can be quite a good actor but he has the shapeshifting abilities that Bass never had.  He was easier to use in X8 than in X7.  In Megaman X8, it's fun using his unlimited ammunition and using him to chain huge combos.  Too bad the Absolute Form wasn't for Axl in Megaman X Command Mission.


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