Does Power Rangers Have a Bias for Skinny Rangers?!

I was doing some notices towards Power Rangers.  So far, the Super Sentai counterparts when they get their Power Rangers counterparts get more muscular, "more manly" looking Power Rangers counterparts.  One could consider the first was Riki/Kingranger in Ohranger had a more "manly" looking counterpart in Trey in Zeo. But that wasn't really the end when he could consider these.

Ryou in Dairanger was probably started the trend of muscular rangers. Geki never went shirtless but the actor is pretty built up.  Ryou had gone shirtless in the series during his two battles with Jin Matoba.  However one must admit that the whole "muscle culture" is not really that placed in Super Sentai more than Power Rangers.  In fact, the Akibaranger parody of Power Rangers featured the covers with beefed up Powerful Rangers (stupid name).

Now for muscles.  For Ryoma vs. Leo, Leo had more muscles.  In Lightspeed Rescue, its original ranger Ryan had the almost similar plot of Ryou's spider tattoo problem which could kill him (now that's a really devious problem).  You might want to include Cole is more muscular than Kakeru (but one, Kaneko Noburu is fortunately better inner-wise, Cole was too beefed up in Wild Force).  I could go ahead and try to say the whole Alata vs. Troy is again on that perhaps American audiences aren't so fond of "wimps".  Even the upcoming Orion appears more "manly" than Gai Ikari.  I guess it had to do with their culture and of course, their comic book heroes to which one might consider how muscular most Marvel, DC, Image, etc. heroes usually are.


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