Megaman and Bass: That Frustratingly Hard Megaman Game!

Well I only played Megaman and Bass via an emulator.  In Japan, it was known as Rockman and Forte to which the story is side split.  A robot named King supposedly took over Dr. Wily's caste.  You get to play as two characters- one is Megaman for one story, Bass for the other.  Bass unlike in Megaman: The Power Battle 1 and 2, he doesn't use charged shots but rather, he is more or less Axl's supposed spiritual ancestor or maybe even Axl himself.  Bass can double jump and dash but he cannot slide and while he has an easier time with stages, he has a harder time with bosses considering he cannot run and fire while he can actually shoot in different directions.  Megaman has an easier time with bosses.

So what makes this game really overly hard?  Well no energy tanks, WTF?  And the game stages are pretty complex and you don't get refills after finishing a certain stage which makes it suck big time.  In fact, the gameplay can be more difficult than Megaman X6 and Megaman X8 (which have ridiculously hard level designs).  Even the bosses here can be very much annoying to which the game does get annoying.  Well yeah, I did finish the game with only the cheat save system in an emulator but other than that, I would have probably dropped the game already because it's just too hard.  At least Megaman X6 has easier controls, refills, etc. to otherwise compensate for the extreme difficulty it had.

On the other hand, the game actually was a spiritual ancestor for the X series namely:
  • Megaman X4 lets you play as either Megaman or Zero though selecting one will make you play only the story of the other.
  • Axl's appearance in X7 in a difficult alliance with Zero. Axl's gameplay more or less mimics Bass' gameplay without the double jump and two, he can fire on air and stay airborne for some time.  Both Bass and Axl are prototype to new generation robots.


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