My Dream Megaman Game: Megaman the Power Strike

Too bad Capcom really was a jerk and all with how they treated Megaman without giving him a proper farewell.  I mean make Megaman Legends 3, give Megaman a proper farewell and there!  Instead of making new robot masters, Dr. Wily decides to enhance eight of his robot masters namely the following:

  • Gutsman gains a better version of his Super Arm weapon where he can actually cause earthquakes.  Part of Gutsman's new weaponry is his ability to use a crushing mace as well.
  • Darkman- Well Darkman will become a stage select boss instead.  He will have chest cannons that will inflict massive damage.
  • Splashwoman- Megaman's only female boss gets a reboot with stronger wave powers.
  • Fireman-  He will gain telekinetic powers and a stronger version of the Fire Storm.
  • Tenguman- He will now be able to fire laser beams from his eyes.
  • Pirateman- He has been given a dangerous gattling gun arm in place of his Splash Mine.
  • Shadowman- He will now have the ability to blend into the shadows and fire his lethal shadow blade plus he can stretch out his arms to cause massive chaos.  Defeating him will also give the wire item from Megaman 4.
  • Bubbleman- He now has a harpoon gun with him together with some missiles which he can fire.

You can play as Megaman, Bass or Zero in a tag team way like in Megaman X8.  Here, Bass again joins forces with them to get even with Dr. Wily and for personal reasons as an anti-hero.  Dr. Wily in this game is now creating Bass' replacement and his eventual successor Zero in the case of his death.  On the other hand, Dr. Wily has revealed he had been slowly replacing his aging parts with mechanical ones to prolong his life enough to defeat his archenemy Megaman. 


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