My Reaction to Power Rangers Super Megaforce Having Non-Zyu Powers Used!

Well I was hoping Super Megaforce will cut down on the non-Zyuranger footage but looks like Saban's staff is just being lazy or too busy baking cakes.  Now what's my reaction?  Aside from the use of Dairanger (which was NEVER used in Power Rangers) why are they now including pre-Zyuranger?  Calling Maskman as "Blitz" should have been for Changeman, why not call it Martial mode instead?  Hmmm if you ask me, I wonder what's in the brains of Saban's producers?!  Other than that, some of it view it as paying tribute to Power Rangers' parent... Super Sentai!

On the other hand, Ciara Hanna (who's most likely graduated from Nickelodeon now seeing she's now in an adult film) is the only stupid reason why I watch the show.


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