Why I Think Skipping A Gobusters Adaptation for a Kyoryuger Adaptation Was a Good Idea

I guess one might consider the fact that these days, it seems Super Sentai and its child Power Rangers both are toy focused.  I mean, one could take a look to why in the late 90s, additional combining mecha, more robots, etc. were made and eventually we had multi-gattai.  For Gobusters, it looked like that it had low toy sales, low ratings, etc. which Toei decided to probably tell Saban Brands not to adapt Gobusters and go forward for Kyoryuger instead.

I'll admit Kyoryuger isn't exactly my type of show.  Maybe because it's too silly or my Sentai flame is dying, I don't know.  But one thing is certain- the show has tons of merchandise with it which may have made Toei and Saban see "$ $" on their eyes.  This show had in a way, helped Sentai recover after Gobusters.  Which made me think- dinosaurs and samba might be a combination of old and new stuff. But judging by the toys it will sell in the U.S., I guess Toei is after profits to recover from whatever losses it incurred during Gobusters.


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