My Re-imagination of Poison Ivy

I am pretty disappointed with Poison Ivy's later characterizations or even designs.  For how do I redesign her story?

For my reimagining of the character, what if she actually knew Bruce Wayne and was his frequent infatuation instead of Selina Kyle who becomes Catwoman?  I had my thoughts that I'm a guilty Batman/Poison Ivy fan shipper even if it's just totally crack and incompatible.  But I could tone down some of her personalities making her more of a misguided vigilante, an anti-heroine and has a hard time getting along other villains except Harley for some time out of real, genuine sympathy.  And in the whole duration of her character, I just imagining her as an anti hero.

Which in my fic, Poison Ivy doesn't join any of the Injustice Gang or related ones, she rather works alone with her crusade to bring nature back to its course as well as "save humanity".  She has become a vigilante that actually has taken care of those who recklessly destroy nature but not much to an extent.  Batman in my own mind actually has an attraction to her, but denies it.

I even had a fantasy of actually them getting married later and having twin children both redheaded like their mother.  The name of the son is Demetrius Wayne and his twin sister is Daphne Wayne.  Between Demetrius and Daphne, only Demetrius had inherited his mother's power and Daphne is pretty much "normal".  When Poison Ivy carried both twins in her womb, she nearly died from poisoning as her powers waned during the whole process but was saved by Wonder Woman.  Demetrius inherited all of his mother's powers which makes him a real charmer as a teenager.


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