Shame Netherrealm Studios Didn't Get Hold of the Rights to Killer Instinct!

In the past, Killer Instinct was a popular game for the Arcade and Super Nintendo which spawned what I might call a not-so-well sequel called Killer Instinct 2.  I was thinking if anybody could have handled Killer Instinct better it would have been Netherrealm Studios.  I know Midway went bad but Netherrealm Studios for me could have been better.  In fact if they did the game, here's what we might find:

1.) More than ten characters.  Netherrealm Studios may soon revive Cinder, Riptor and other fan favorites.  The might even now transport Maya, Kim Wu, Tusk and Gargos into the present to compete in a third tournament.  Sadira and maybe more new characters will be born.  Midway learned from its mistakes with the previous MK games and decided to adapt to change.  Too bad that Killer Instinct as a game now hasn't adapted much to change.

2.) Bloodier fatalities.  Shame that Killer Instinct for the X Box One has none of the No Mercies which were loved by the fans.  They might really make it better.

3.) More intense boss combat.  I guess this might be the first time you'll probably have Eyedol as the sub-boss and Gargos as the main boss.  I was thinking they might have both titans finally enter into a competition with each other, or maybe an uneasy alliance.

4.) A more intense story.  I think if Netherrealm Studios got the game rights, I might think that after Killer Instinct 2, just when Gargos was about to be defeated, unfortunately Eyedol revives and Gargos enters into the present.  Gargos reveals that Jago was but a pawn to everything and so was Orchid.  Then we might actually get where Ultratech reveals its plans to usher in a new age to the most worthy of the titans.

Well sad to say that a great game franchise like Killer Instinct back in the days, we get a rather mediocre game in the present which is a real Killer Letdown.  Yup, the wait is not worth it.


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