Was There a Planned Jason/Tommy/Kimberly Love Triangle?

In MMPR I was thinking of this possible sub-plot that might have been planned but discarded by the writers namely a Jason/Tommy/Kimberly love triangle.  I was assuming before Tommy and Kimberly were paired, probably there was the possibility of Jason/Kimberly attraction to which I think there was a chemistry.  I had a thought also of other wild speculations that happened after MMPR was the "Dear John letter" which was really, bad writing and just bad writing and OOC for Kimberly.  And also in Turbo, it was planned that there would be a Jason/Kimberly relationship which again, is bad writing.  I was thinking was there really a plan for a love triangle for the three of them?

My thoughts on how it could have been carried out.  So maybe Tommy is the new guy in school, crush on Kimberly and Jason also has a crush on her which can lead to a typical teenager love triangle.  Or one might consider it coming later considering U.S. TV standards back then.  My only hypothetical view towards this is that it might be inserted during the time Saban gets the Zyu2 footages from Toei.  I just got the ideas from ChrisX (his absence makes me think he's busy with real life) on the matter.  It's based on his drafted plan of the Geki/Burai/Mei love triangle.  So Tommy returns and his power coin is restored, Kimberly welcomes him and his feelings for her continues to grow.  However Jason during Tommy's absence also grew to appreciate Kimberly which creates a triangular strife between the two of them... this time not caused by an enemy spell but the common attraction for a woman.  It could have been interesting but I guess it was cut out for some reason.


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