What's the Deal with King Sphinx Anyway?!

I remembered the 90s toyline that actually featured King Sphinx as a toy.  Man, I even thought he was the show's main antagonist because of the "king" there until I saw the show.  Now I had my thoughts on why King Sphinx had an action figure from the deluxe action figures (above) missing out Finster in the process:

Well remember this toy commercial which has a stock footage of Chodenshi Bioman (the releasing of a Mecha Giant into battle).  We have this scene included...

The battle of the Dino Megazord against Goldar and King Sphinx.  Perhaps for commercial purposes, King Sphinx was given an action figure since he was the first monster to be destroyed by the Dino Megazord.  In Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger, Dora Sphinx (his counterpart there) was the first to be destroyed by Daizyujin.

In the Home Along Da Riles parody "Powder Rangers" one can see that Cita (Rita's parody) was served by a parody of Goldar and King Sphinx.


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