Dr. Wily's Posthumous Influence in the X Series

So I was thinking that in spite of Dr. Wily's death, his influence has not died even in the 21XX Century.  So what's the possibility there?  So here's what I began to think about how his death around 20XX did't kill his influence.

In Megaman X2, the leader of the X Hunters (ironically he's not the second to the last boss) Serges bears resemblance to Dr. Wily.  So I was speculating that he could have been Dr. Wily or at the very least, a robot that was inspired from Dr. Wily.  So if Zero is the "last creation" of Dr. Wily, I guess Sigma was wrong.  So what is possible is that Serges, Violen and Agile were Dr. Wily's hidden set of robots.  Dr. Wily may have placed his knowledge not only with Zero his successor but may have created the X-Hunters to aid Zero when the time is ripe for Zero to succeed his creator.  They made him a new body in Megaman X2, which is probably why in X5, Sigma mentioned an "old ally of X" made the new body.  Also when fighting Serges, he has his own vehicle rather than fight with his own power.  In Megaman XTreme, Serges is the second to the last boss.

The more obvious was in X4, Zero's true creator was revealed to be none other than Dr. Wily.  So it's possible that Dr. Wily created the X-Hunters to assist Zero should Megaman X be awakened.  The X-Hunters all wanted to get Zero's body parts, assemble him and "fulfill the prophecy".  So maybe Serges as a Dr. Wily inspired robot or at least a robotic version of Dr. Wily, knew Zero's purpose was to succeed Dr. Wily.  Zero was also filled with the Evil Energy though it's more dormant now, but it was awakened in X5 when the Zero Virus was born.  So in a sense, Serges had Dr. Wily's memories and willing to carry over the job of the late doctor.

In Megaman 8 and 10, we are introduced to what could be the Maverick Virus.  Megaman 8 had the Evil Energy, Megaman 10 had Roboenza which makes robots go berserk.  In Megaman X5, we are introduced to the Sigma Virus.  Dr. Wily's influence is in the Maverick Virus, which even if Dr. Wily had died somewhere in 20XX, his influences lives on in the virus.  That's probably how Sigma knew of Zero and the dialogue in X5 suggests that, he in a way knew Dr. Wily.  So Dr. Wily despite his death, his legacy lived on in the Maverick Virus.

In Megaman X6, another Wily-esque robot was introduced as Isoc.  This time, he was voiced by Dr. Wily's voice actor which some say, he is Dr. Wily revived as a robot.  After Gate is defeated by Zero, one can see a ?? voice say, "Go Zero, you are the strongest robot."  Although Dr. Wily may have died, it's possible that this character Isoc is probably another Wily robot who has Dr. Wily's brain waves.  Or at least, he was created with Dr. Wily's memories which this AI version of Dr. Wily, can recognize certain events as if Dr. Wily were still alive.  So in a sense Dr. Wily's influence lives on as a stream of consciousness, that even if Dr. Wily is gone, his influence lives on.


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