Kimberly Hart Compared to Mako Shiraishi and Emma Goodall

For Kimberly I thought she did manage to leave some impact on PR/Sentai writing styles.  Kimberly was introduced as highly feminine, gorgeous and well personality-wise she starts of as ditzy and somewhat materialistic.  However she has a heightened awareness of her friends.  I just thought she can seldom be your team mom (ex. giving advice to Billy that's not how to meet girls) or her interaction with a deaf girl.  I can't bother to do too much post season 1 analysis on her.

Comparing Mako to Kimberly, Mako isn't exactly Kimberly but there are similarities.  Mako's fighting skills are just well... average most of the time but she has a witty side like Kimberly does.  You might consider the hotness factor of Mako to being nostalgic to Kimberly.  Both Amy Jo Johnson and Rin Takanashi are more or less the same with their initial acting, nothing special but nothing to spit at either then they improve.  Like Kimberly, Mako can get easily annoyed which was evidenced when Ryunosuke was being "overly helpful", are pretty well dressed and are pretty feminine.  In the Shinkenger OVA, Mako is revealed that she can sing, something that she didn't do in the series.  Appearance wise, Mako for me is a sexier and prettier version of Kimberly.

Emma like Kimberly is best friends with the yellow ranger of their team, they can sing (but honestly I think Rin Takanashi sings better) and the fashion sense.  So okay, I just thought that despite trying to make another Kimberly, she's probably not exactly my type.  The whole "tangle" joke wasn't really all that funny for Emma, it worked on Kimberly but not her. As far as concerned, I am neutral towards her.


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