Why Milking on MMPR's Past Success Isn't Good for Saban Brands

I'm thinking about the possibility of yet another Tommy returns then erodes moment.  Really, please STOP overusing Tommy as a ranger, let him be a mentor instead throughout Dino Charge!  For one, I was thinking of PR Samurai's POOOOOOR quality and why milking on MMPR's past success isn't helping.

Let's face it... the kids who watched MMPR yesterday are all grown up and many of them may not be into Power Rangers anymore.  Much time has passed.  I mean take a look.  For example Amy Jo was 23 years old during MMPR but now she's in her 40s!  And you might consider that Power Rangers must SEEK a new audience.  I mean ask a much younger PR fan, they may not know MMPR at all!  And why bring Zordon's name into Megaforce or Spike as Skull's son?  Come on, new ideas!  Most kids need new ideas and concepts to click because most Power Rangers fans are children!  I still have a soft spot for Power Rangers but as said, some will eventually outgrow Toku altogether.  And the primary market is kids!  So think new stuff!

You might as well consider that they should try to observe how Sentai writers and producers get ideas.  I mean, I doubt it that Toei won't let the staff at Saban look into pre-Zyuranger Super Sentai!  And the least the producers and writers of Saban Brands could have done is to try and look at Toei's other shows for better ideas than overly rely on MMPR.  I mean, try to think of the CIRCLE OF IDEAS both franchises share.  I mean, for PR Samurai they could have also tried to get creative with deleting the lineage story, try a new formula, etc. rather than make a poor imitation of Shinkenger with MMPR references.  As said, you need to take a look at other ideas!  PR Samurai could have sought to deviate from Shinkenger's samurai lineage theme considering the cast that was available, rewrite and rewrite to write something samurai themed but at the same time, different.  I mean like Time Force keeps time as its theme but deviates from the source material like adding the mutant/human war and Alex being different from Ryuya (Ryuya's a douchebag).

Overly recycling creates poor shows and Saban's team should have learned that... not like as if Toei doesn't give them access to all shows!  They might as well think of what Toshiki Inoue's fall after Agito.  Inoue was good before Faiz but he practically undid himself.  And for one who enjoys Kiva, I might also point out that Kiva was more of a parody show than an actual Rider season with forced drama.  Unfortunately Judd Lynn may end up making Dino Charge a Dino Crash instead if he's practically burned out.  And none of Inoue's trying to milk his past success helped him recover at all!

Remember characters are characters for who they are.  It's okay to add some similarities BUT remember, they have to be their own characters!  For example, Billy doesn't copy from Dan at all... they are different from each other.  While Megaforce deviates from Goseiger and Gokaiger, BUT the problem lies with Emma as an attempted Kimberly clone.  Amy Jo Johnson could act but Christina Masterson for me is basically flat.  I mean, try to hybridize the characters some more.


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