Zero's Missing Story in Megaman X?

In Megaman X4, it's verified that he is indeed Dr. Wily's final creation.  In Megaman X2, we hear of "The Doctor" to which was mentioned by Sigma and it was speculated but never confirmed that Serges is Dr. Wily.  I was thinking what role could have Zero played during the Megaman series seeing that he never appeared during the first series, except hinted in Bass' ending?

For starters, in Megaman X4, Dr. Wily calls Zero as his "masterpiece" and sends him to destroy Megaman in that dream.  Zero is unaware of that fact, perhaps because of Sigma beating him hard.  But looking at Zero as a feral, wild robot back then, it's possible he was aware of his actions but suffered from occasional seizures.  So it was probable that Dr. Wily managed to shut down him and programmed him to succeed him in the case of his death.

In fact, I just wanted to think did Megaman fight Zero?  Did Megaman get so severely injured that Dr. Light had to actually rehash Megaman into X?  I just thought maybe like Bass, Zero refused to obey his creator.  And maybe Zero is also powered up by Bassnium.  Zero would be Bass' younger brother but chosen to succeed Dr. Wily.  Until now Capcom hasn't revealed the official story.


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