Dr. Light and Dr. Wily: Inspirations for Creation

In the world of fiction, certain characters are based on real people and mythical people.  I also thought of who may have inspired Dr. Light and Dr. Wily...

Dr. Thomas Light may be a shout-out to the scientist Thomas A. Edison, the inventor of the first light bulb.  However he does not appear like the scientist Thomas Edison, instead you might want to think of this one...

That's right, the mythical character that is Santa Claus.  Okay Dr. Light does not possess any of Santa Claus' powers, he doesn't deliver gifts on December 24 once a year in one night, he doesn't have a sleigh pulled by flying reindeer (though he might create eight mechanical reindeer to DO the job)... but like Santa Claus he is definitely a jolly old fellow.  One may think of it like Santa Claus he also has a workshop though he is far more technologically advanced than Santa Claus and can make better toys for children.  Although I wonder what it would be like if Megaman met Santa Claus.  The Archie Comics calls Dr. Light as "Santa Claus with the lab coat...".

Dr. Wily's first name is Albert, and he DOES look like Albert Einstein, an evil version that is.  While Albert Einstein was a contributor for the benefit of mankind, Dr. Wily isn't.  For any mad scientist tropes, it can be difficult to trace who would have inspired his creation.


  1. Edison is NOT the sole creator if the light bulb. I forgot where I got it from, but from what I know, Edison tends to grab the inventions of his employees and presents them as his own.

    With that said, I'm now thinking whoever came up with Light and Wily probably has a bias for Edison (and probably hates Einstein). :P


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