Power Rangers Head Writers and How They Fare for Me

Power Rangers had a group of writers which are...

Douglas Sloan- The overused writer for all MMPR seasons, Zeo and Turbo.  So far, he's no Hirohisa Soda with his writing and he's just plain.  One may consider his worst moves in Power Rangers for me are villain decaying Goldar, not keeping Lord Zedd's scary personality after marrying Rita (which was inconsistent with the fact Lord Zedd became more dangerous at the same time) and the Dear John letter in Zeo.  He was also in the Disney era for the decent season PR Ninja Storm and the overrated PR Dino Thunder.

Judd Lynn is basically the more daring writer who brings new stuff.  He brings character conflict, recycles stuff from Super Sentai series which I believe he is a Hirohisa Soda fan and in extension a Yasuko Kobayashi fan, doesn't copy too much from the source and really just about everything.  I would call him the Toshiki Inoue of Power Rangers considering how many deaths he wrote during PR in Space (highest fatality counts), Lost Galaxy is probably his most serious work (and Trakeena is a bitch), Lightspeed Rescue, Time Force (and I believe he really wanted to kill Eric Myers) and the second half writer of RPM (which was like Inoue taking over Kida).  And like Inoue, he has a bad habit of writing passable to bad finales.  In fact, I'm pretty pessimistic with how he will handle PR Dino Charge especially like Inoue, he sucks at humor.

Jonathan Tzachor is more or less another Douglas Sloan.  After pulling a better script with Wild Force (which had bad reception but I like it) he later resumed to work with PR Samurai as its head writer (which he was pretty lazy).  I thought he's probably the Tyuyoshi Kida of Power Rangers... lazy!

Probably the worst writer has to go to Bruce Kalish.  The Kalish era had a good start (for some) with Power Rangers SPD that got aired in Japan later on, dubbed by the Dekaranger cast.  However for Kalish with how he does Power Rangers, I can easily compare him to Shoji Yonemura who is the head writer of KR Kabuto and KR Decade.  While they write decent cartoons, both just suck at Tokusatsu.  So both should just stick to writing cartoons instead!


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