Game Review: Megaman X6

Megaman X6 is no doubt one hard game but fortunately, reasonably hard as not to actually make it as frustrating as "Megaman and Bass" or Megaman X3.  So far, the game has lots of ridiculous level designs, you need to keep reloading at times because you might have turned a rescuable into a Maverick and so on.  But for me it's a fun game that you can't miss even if it's difficult.

The whole story continues some time after Megaman X5 with Sigma supposedly defeated.  The story has the Nightmare Phenomenon and the main antagonist Gate.  Gate plans to use Zero's DNA for absolute dominance.  On the other hand, a Wily-esque type of Reploid known as Isoc (who probably has Dr. Wily's mindset while not being the character).  The game itself is pretty difficult, sometimes I am forced to cheat because of how ridiculous the level designs are but not impossible.  The game features Megaman X with the Z-Saber (which he could acquire in X3 but at the cost of Zero).  Here he carries the Z-Saber which he can hardly use but fortunately, he doesn't need to charge up to use it while the cheap trick of massive damage is gone.  Of course, I would make my first priority to finding Zero to make the game easier since now, he can use his double jump from the very start.  I mean, Zero is easier for some levels.  You have to fight Zero before you can use him.  After that, you can use him.

The game's challenge comes in with the Nightmare Phenomenon.  Nightmares flood the stage everywhere, kill them and gather the orbs and do it FAST because they might infect the rescuable and you need to RELOAD so save often!  Another challenge is that, stages with a red highlight tend to create random factors which can really be a challenge.  The darkness/light spotlights are the most annoying considering you can die several times so I choose to exit if the stage has been finished.  The stage designs require proper timing and sometimes, you are tempted to cheat.  I would admit I used Ultimate Armor cheat to be able to cut the game with ease.  And the game itself is filled with so much of a challenge.

What I pretty like also about the game is that the game is merciful even in the midst of difficulty.  At least, you get to refill your weapons or the game over doesn't force you to endure the same amount of torture from start to end like in X5 unless you choose to exit.  Getting the Shadow Armor and Blade Armor can be a pain due to random factors, requiring you to revisit stages a lot but it does kill the boredom and fortunately, the game isn't all that frustrating because controls are easier and as said, your weapons are refilled every time you lose a life.  The game designers knew how to be merciful to the player when putting them against a hard challenge.

Boss fights can be difficult.  The Twin Cell is hard, Hi-Max is hard and you might also consider Gate is the HARDEST.  Yes, Gate.  Fighting Gate is usually easier with Zero than Megaman X.  Gate can't be harmed by your weapons plus you need to blast the orbs back to him.  One wrong move, you're dead and it gets really annoying.  This of course also leads to one more move... which Gate actually resurrects Sigma from the dead.  Well Sigma seems to be just fanservice than real plot, but he does kill Gate.  Sigma is semi-completed BUT he can wear you down really fast in two annoying boss rounds.  Even the first form can wear you out and the second form is even more annoying than the first.  Again, the game still gives the player a fair fighting chance in the midst of incredibly challenging gameplay as so you don't break your controller.

For me, this game is really much of 9/10.  A very hard challenge to the Megaman series without being unmerciful.


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