Kimberly Hart: Attempting to Replicate the Character's Charm?

The popularity and positive reception of Kimberly Hart may have actually started a new revolution for female rangers in Tokusatsu, both Super Sentai and Poswer Rangers.  I guess despite her initially entering to be shallow and ditzy, I guess she's still got some positive reception from both Asian and American fans.  So how do I think they attempted to replicate her charm?  They may have not copied the character entirely but it's as if the charm is being carried over.

Whether or not Chisato counts is still for me debatable.  I'd like to put her here.  After watching Megaranger Chisato is observed to be pretty feminine and she can sing, like Kimberly as seen in one episode when she lost her voice to Canary Nejire.  Unlike Kimberly, she is no cheerleader but an aspiring photographer, a trait later passed on to Emma in Megaforce.  She is shown to be pretty fashionable outside her school uniform.

Ashley Hammond was the second cheerleader and was supposedly pink but became yellow.  Hmmm why is everyone too offended of the yellow ranger being Asian?!  Moving on, she like Kimberly is optimistic, kind-hearted and the team heart.

Mako Shiraishi is probably where it comes close.  Either producers or directors wanted to make Mako less badass and more feminine or Kobayashi wanted to try writing lesser badass females, in exchange for giving them brains to solve problems brawns won't.  For the obvious, both Mako and Kimberly are pink rangers.  For Mako's character flaws aside from her bad cooking (which Kimberly's culinary activities are never touched upon) she is also easily irritated to the point she becomes blunt and her fighting isn't all that impressive either.  Although Mako grew up unable to play girly games (and maybe Kotoha did too), but both girls were probably still allowed to do other feminine stuff except if it intervened with samurai training.  For me, she's the closest to replicating Kimberly's charm.

For Emma Goodall, they have tried to copy her traits but it fails miserably.  The problem could be with the actress Christina Masterson (she's just eye candy) with her weak acting.  For one, it's okay to copy Kimberly traits into future rangers but attempting to make an exact duplicate can fail miserably.  I was thinking for her love for photography, did they decide to copy Rin Takanashi's character in Neo Ultra Q?  They could have just decided to copy Rin's character in Neo Ultra Q instead of Kimberly.


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