Megaman X: Throwing Back Towards the Original Megaman

Aside from the obvious fact that X is in fact Dr. Light's greatest creation (and could be a revamped Megaman, rebooted and rebuilt for the future use), Megaman X series tries to throw back itself towards the classic series in spite of its tone change from lighter to darker.  Here's some I can name:

Megaman X1

If you have noticed in Megama X1, you will end up noticing some of the bosses are throwbacks to classic Megaman bosses namely:
  • Flame Mammoth, Chill Penguin, Electric Sparkmandrill and Boomer Kwanger are referential to Fireman, Iceman, Elecman and Cutman (all from Megaman 1).  
  • Boomer Kwanger may also reference to Quickman in Megaman 2.
  • Storm Eagle is almost a reference to Tenguman in Megaman 8.
  • Sting Chameleon's stage may reference to Slashman's jungle stage in Megaman 7 but not entirely.
  • Launch Octopus' missiles may be a reference to Searchman's missiles in Megaman 8.  
  • In Megaman X, the fortress stage doesn't have the teleport capsules.  Instead you refight bosses in different places like in the original Megaman series.
  • Velgauder resembles Treble from Megaman 7.
  • Sigma as the main villain has these throwbacks from Dr. Wily namely this.  He gets some Maverick Hunters to work for him namely Vile, Chill Penguin and Storm Eagle.  He reprogrammed some of them to serve him. Dr. Wily stole Bombman, Gutsman, Cutman, Elecman, Iceman and Fireman who were originally Dr. Light's robots.

Megaman X2 has these references to the original series:
  • Serges while not being confirmed to be Dr. Wily is a reference to Dr. Wily.  Serges looks like a robotic version of Dr. Wily.  When you fight him, he uses a giant machine instead of fighting with his own power.
  • Bubble Crab, Flame Stag, Wheel Gator, Crystal Snail and Overdrive Ostrich are references to Bubbleman, Heatman, Metalman, Flashman (but having a different version of a time-stopping weapon) and Quickman.  Bubble Crab is weak to Wheel Gator's weapon, Flame Stag is weak to Bubbleman's weapon and Overdrive Ostrich is weak to Crystal Snail's weapon.
  • Magna Centipede is a reference to Magnetman.  

Megaman X3 has these references to the original series:
  • Tunnel Rhino is a reference to Drillman  in Megaman 4.
  • Volt Catfish may be a reference to either Elecman  in Megaman 1 or Cloudman  in Megaman 7.
  • Crush Crawfish may be a reference to Crashman in Megaman 2.
  • Neon Tiger may be a reference to Slashman in Megaman 7, including his jungle stage.
  • Gravity Beetle is a reference to Gravity Man in Megaman 5.
  • Blizzard Buffalo is a reference to Freezeman  in Megaman 7.
  • Sigma like Dr. Wily manages to double cross a good scientist.  Sigma manipulates Dr. Doppler into creating him the Kaiser Sigma body just as Dr. Wily duped Dr. Light into creating the Gamma Robot but these are operated differently.

Megaman X4 has these references to the original series:
  • The game allows you to use Megaman or Zero.  However you can only choose one and must finish the game only with THAT character.  It's pretty much a reference to Megaman and Bass game.  Like Bass, Zero can double jump though he needs to defeat Split Mushroom first.
  • Zero is also revealed to be Dr. Wily's final creation when using Zero.
  • Cyber Peacock's stage may remind some of Astroman in Megaman 8.
  • Frost Walrus may be a reference to Frostman in Megaman 8.
  • Split Mushroom splits into two like Geminiman in Megaman 7.
  • Slash Beast may be another reference to Slashman  in Megaman 7.
  • Jet Stingray's stage takes place in the ocean with the Land Chaser.  It may be a reference to Waveman's stage the part where Megaman must use a jetski and can't use special weapons.
  • Storm Owl may be a reference to Airman.
  • General like King in Megaman and Bass, was manipulated by the main villain.

Megaman X5 has these references to the original series:
  • Izzy Glow may be a reference to Brightman in Megaman 4 except his weapon isn't a flash type.
  • Dark Dizzy may be a reference to Shademan in Megaman 7, both being bat-like bosses who can recover some health by sucking the player's health.
  • Axle the Red is a reference to Plantman in Megaman 6 except he doesn't use a plant barrier and can create a clone of himself.
  • Dynamo as an arrogant menace may also be a reference to Bass' arrogance. Unlike Bass, Dynamo doesn't rebel against Sigma.
  • Somehow Sigma was able to secure the new kind of Grey Devil which is more terrifying than the rest of the Devil robots in the Megaman series.  When its health drops low, it forms into the form of a Wily Machine.
  • When fighting either Megaman or Zero, the Dr. Wily logo appears.
  • Sigma's final form resembles Gamma from Megaman 3.  Also he makes a reference to Dr. Wily when fighting Megaman.  This may be nothing more than having contact with Dr. Wily in a figurative sense since the latter had already died decades ago, while he had downloaded Zero's data for himself.
  • The threat of the Sigma Virus is a reference to the Evil Energy in Megaman 8.

Megaman X6 has these references to the original series:
  • Rainy Turtloid's stage would rain like Toadman's stage in Megaman 4 except it corrodes the player's health as wel.
  • Ground Scaravitch is a reference to Groundman from Megaman and Bass.
  • Metal Shark Player is a reference to Junkman from Megaman 7.
  • Blizzard Wolfgang may be another reference to Blizzardman from Megaman 6.
  • The Eye Blobs may be a reference to the first fortress boss in Megaman 6 except its much harder.
  • Zero tries to pull out a Protoman impression similar to that of Megaman 8's ending.  Knowing Zero was created by Dr. Wily, it's likely he has bits and pieces of Protoman's personality.

Megaman X7 has these references to the original series:
  • Axl as a new character is a nuisance to Megaman and to Zero.  He is introduced as a braggart character, an arrogant individual with a design like... Bass!  Like Bass, he is a master actor, infiltrator expert and his gameplay similar to Bass, allows him to shoot in all directions but he can't run and shoot at the same time.  Unlike Bass he can't double jump.  Like Bass, he is also introduced in the 7th game and starts off as a bad guy then becomes an anti-hero.
  • Soldier Stoneking is a reference to Stoneman in Megaman 5.
  • Wind Crowfang is a reference to Windman in Megaman 6.
  • Flame Hyenard is a reference to Flameman in Megaman 6.

Megaman X8 has these references to the original series:
  • Optic Sunflower is a reference to Plantman in Megaman 6.  His stage may remind one of Astroman's stage in Megaman 8.  Also in his stage, there is a special code to fight Cutman way back in Megaman 1.
  • Gravity Antonion is a reference to Gravityman in Megaman 5.
  • Burn Rooster's being weak to Avalanche Yeti's is a reference to Fireman being weak to Iceman's weapon.  
  • Burn Rooster is a reference to Burnerman in Megaman and Bass.
  • Bamboo Pandamonium may be a reference to Woodman in Megaman 2, both weak to fire weapons.
  • Vile trolling the player felt like Protoman trolling Megaman in Megaman 3.
  • Fighting a fake Sigma in this game may be a reference to Dr. Wily using a fake Wily in Megaman 3.
  • Lumine's turn heel may be a reference to Sunstar being the final boss instead of Wily in Megaman World 5.

Megaman X Command Mission has these references to the original series:
  • Zero's Absolute form is reference to Bass with Treble Boost.  I wanted this form for Axl instead!
  • Incentas is a reference to Pharaohman from Megaman 4.
  • A Giant Metool is one of the enemies in the mines where you will fight Incentas.  It throws back to giant Metools in the classic Megaman game.


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