Power Rangers Actually Contributes to Super Sentai's Existence!

Super Sentai purists (or Sentards as I call them just like those Powtards) will always call Power Rangers as parasites because it can't exist without Super Sentai.  Then again, Disney can't exist without the classic works of other authors so does that make them also parasites?  Power Rangers whether it's a localization, adaptation or remake was legitimately done.

Like it or not, Toei is CREDITED as part of Power Rangers.  If Power Rangers were bootleg, why didn't Toei sue Saban into oblivion years ago?  In fact, the Zyu2 footage was part of a Toei/Saban agreement to keep Power Rangers going, at that point neither company had no idea on any new direction for Power Rangers for America!  Toei is part of Power Rangers' existence and neither Super Sentai nor Power Rangers really exists without Toei!  Bootleg is ANYTHING that is reproduced without permission!

Whether you like it or not, Power Rangers and Super Sentai are culturally different.  I honestly can't blame a white who prefers Power Rangers over Super Sentai and I would admit, I prefer Super Sentai over Power Rangers because I'm Asian.  For example, America prefers beefy superheroes over slender ones like Alata.  Troy would be preferable over Alata to American audiences.  Assuming some of them watched Kamen Rider Fourze, they might prefer Shun over the main character Gentarou.  Super Sentai is geared for Asian audiences, Power Rangers was created for the American audiences.  Having Power Rangers gets Americans to know of Japanese culture (in part) and with the Super Sentai show credited, anybody can Google about them and find out about the shows they came from.

One must realize as long as Power Rangers is still in demand, Toei will fill in that demand and they will continue to produce it.  Like Super Sentai is still going on no matter how much I want it to end already, I just have to accept it because the demand is still going on.  If the demand for Power Rangers is still there, just face the facts, Toei will continue to make Super Sentai and supply Super Sentai footages, costumes and props to Saban Brands.  In short, the demand for Power Rangers gives Toei the money from royalty fees involved, which in turn, Toei must continue producing Super Sentai as long as the demand for Power Ranges is there.


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