Some Facts That Could Validly Argue Megaman X Is or Isn't The Original Megaman

While I'm among a group of people who believe that Megaman X is the original Megaman rebooted, however some people have some valid reasons to believe X isn't the original Megaman even if they were both created by Dr. Light.
  • Megaman is 132 cm and weights 105 kilograms.  Megaman X is 160 cm and weighs only 57 kilograms.  Then again, Dr. Light could have reconfigured and upgraded Megaman entirely and rebooted his memories, causing the original robot to lose all his memories.  Then again, the argument of the statistics may prove Megaman X is a totally different robot.  Megaman may not be able to survive such a drastic makeover either which again, gives some valid points to why Megaman X is a different robot.
  • Another is that Megaman X's mental programming is for a 15 year old human while Megaman's mental programming is that of a 10 year old.  That could be a valid argument for both sides.  Assuming Megaman's programming got obsolete sooner or later, Dr. Light then could no longer upgrade it so he created Megaman X for the future.  On the other hand, one may argue that Dr. Light simply not only remodeled Megaman physically but also mentally.  He could have just easily reprogrammed Megaman to think as a 15 year old but at the cost of having to delete Megaman's current memories.  In Megaman 7 alone, Megaman was able to show he had the potential to defy the Isaac Asimov's law of robots when he attempted to kill Dr. Wily.  Maybe Dr. Light took note of that too and decided to abort Megaman's memories as a result.
  • Megaman X has no memories of being the original Megaman.  Yes that COULD be a huge valid argument for some who believe Megaman X is a totally different robot.  Megaman X makes no mention of Dr. Wily nor memories of Rush, Auto, Roll, etc. who may have died because they could no longer progress beyond their current era while X was able to do so.   On the other hand, it can also be a result of Dr. Light's upgrade cost Megaman his original memories to become a totally different person. 
  • At the beginning of Megaman X, Megaman X was introduced as a new generation robot.  Again, Megaman could have been upgraded into a next generation Reploid.  Megaman already had feelings which was evidenced in Megaman 7.

In Megaman X2, a short-term character named Serges came.  Some fans speculated that Serges was either Dr. Wily or a robot based on Dr. Wily.  My only guess is that Serges isn't Dr. Wily.  Instead, he is a result of Dr. Wily's posthumous influence.  In the Japanese dialogue which was altered for the American version, Serges says, "Such regret to be defeated by a memento of Dr. Light."  It feels like Serges was Wily and how could Serges a robot who somehow has some of Dr. Wily's memories, recognize Megaman X?

One thing that leaves us to imagination is Sigma's final conversation with Megaman X in Megaman X5.  He says he acquired a "new partner" who used to be a comrade of  the hero.  He made quite a "few robots" and the "combined hatred" which again hints some possibilities are these:
  • Dr. Wily was aware that Dr. Light was creating the Megaman X robot.  So if Megaman X is not the original Megaman, it's still possible Wily would hate the new robot so he created Zero in response.   Megaman X doesn't have to be the same robot for Dr. Wily to hate that robot.  Dr. Wily HATES anything related to Dr. Light's dream.
  • If Megaman X is the original Megaman rebooted into a totally different person, then Sigma is aware of what Megaman had forgotten WAY BACK in the past.  Zero has no memories of Dr. Wily either.  However Sigma (who has Zero's data downloaded into his system effectively making him Wily's successor instead of Zero) mentions that Dr. Wily used to be a comrade of Megaman X, and remember if X and Megaman were two different robots, X was sealed away.  Which again, points to that Megaman X could have been the original Megaman. After all, Rock and Roll were already activated before Dr. Wily became a mad scientist.    


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