Some Issues I Have with Power Rangers

So far, I tend to go from neutral to hate to like to neutral, these days it's more of liking Power Rangers then being neutral for these reasons...

The Zordon arc.  MMPR should have ended but no, it got overextended to the point everything just goes from bad to worse.  Toei created Zyu2 footages for Saban to use and when it ran out, Dairanger footages were supplied.  I dunno why Toei even allowed the overextension of MMPR to three seasons which for me, only season one was worth my watch. The rest was really bad.  Zeo had also that Kimberly's character derailment with the Dear John Letter.  Turbo was terrible, just terrible.  PR in Space is a mess of a series and you know it!

The Zordon arc had villains with no sense of direction or just simply evil of evil's sake.  Lord Zedd arrives and simply complains Rita is not fit to be an empress of eeevvvviiiillll... in short they have no specific goal but just to spread their evvviiilllll.  In Power Rangers in Space, we have the"United Alliance of Evil" led by Dark Specter.  Now only if I have noticed this problem sooner, I wouldn't have derailed SS vs. PR to such a way it gets berated for my drunken stupor writing.  Fortunately Judd Lynn brought in changes for villainy starting from Lost Galaxy up to Time Force giving them reasons why they are doing what they do.  Even Jonathan Tzachor and Bruce Kalish had some direction for their villains.

Irrelevant characters.  Bulk, Skull, Spike (Skull's son and Bulk's nephew), Cassidy, Devin, Professor Phenomenus, etc. are just pretty useless.  They hardly contribute to plot.  For Spike, he's more fit for my Rin Takanashi jokes than he is to be in Power Rangers Samurai.  All these characters just don't do anything important.

Overusing Tommy.  Come on, why keep using Tommy, he's already past his prime.  I mean, time will come we all have to step down one way or another!  For one, I enjoyed Tommy as the Green Ranger but seeing him having other forms?  He's one reason why I feel like I want to ditch Power Rangers!  Jason David Frank should probably just interact with Sentai cast members and learn more karate, than to be in Power Rangers all the more.  That way, he can be more helpful for the Sentai/PR alliance.

Bruce Kalish during the Disney era.  Disney started taking over with Ninja Storm its first full season (it took over Wild Force halfway) and Dino Thunder.  From Power Rangers SPD up to Jungle Fury, it's the dork age of Power Rangers.  If Judd Lynn is Power Rangers' Toshiki Inoue, you might as well count in Bruce Kalish as the Shoji Yonemura of Power Rangers!  Operation Overdrive could be counted in as terrible as Kamen Rider Decade with a few decent episodes.  Kalish was definitely not fit for Power Rangers!

Neo-Saban Era.  At first I was excited about Saban returning but it turns out that the series are snail pacing as he is already past his prime.  Worse, splitting Samurai and Megaforce into two seasons each is a terrible drag, leaving Power Rangers behind already.  Toei could have at least intervened for the sake of their toy sales.  For one, the whole splitting into two halves is really annoying.  PR Samurai just copies/paste and gets treated like MMPR, Megaforce gets the same treatment which really, really annoying.

Despite this, I am still against the unfair hatred of Super Sentai purists towards Power Rangers.  I may as well go back to being a Super Sentai fan who dislikes not hate Power Rangers.  That is, I don't like it, don't watch it!  But it doesn't mean I won't rewatch any seasons that I liked.


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