The More Serious Side of Power Rangers

Power Rangers during the Judd Lynn era tried to take a serious direction.  Jonathan Tzachor during Wild Force also had a more serious direction (in some episodes). Here's a presentation of the more serious side of Power Rangers:

Power Rangers in Space is the season that ended the Zordon Arc but also the first season to kill a protagonist for good.  Here, Zordon begs Andros to burst his tube so the battle can end.  It was a difficult choice but Zordon sacrificed himself to save the day.  A cheesy finale done Judd Lynn style.  Alhough Andros and Astronema are reconciled, but Zordon dies.

Trakeena in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy is NOT very much your average villain.  She's scheming, manipulative, cruel and all you can love to hate in a villain.  Her appearance in Lost Galaxy was at firs the daughter of Scorpius and when she replaced her father, she ultimately starts to make the lives of the Lost Galaxy Rangers so hard.  Lost Galaxy as a season also had a high number of fatalities.  Magna Defender also died in Lost Galaxy before he was ultimately replaced by Mike, Leo's older brother.

Power Rangers Time Force presents the mutant/human war.  Ransik is presented to be one frightening bastard who'd do anything to get his revenge on humanity.  The mutant/human war is pretty serious.

Villain's backstory with the hero.  In Power Rangers Wild Force, it did have some darker moments.  Master Org killed Cole's parents out of jealousy.  He was a real sadistic villain, human or Org, he was evil as both.

Power Rangers RPM is more serious than Go-onger.  It's a big leap for Disney but a good one.  Here the Venjix Virus has put the whole world under its control, leaving only Corinth as the only safe haven available.  The fact that Judd Lynn also took over its second half has brought in more serious sides.

Overall, Power Rangers can actually take a more serious side but has to be careful not to violate the TV-Y7-FV limit it has.


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