Tommy Oliver is OVERRATED and OVERUSED!

Tommy is definitely overrated and not to mention overused.  It's pretty annoying to hear how some Power Rangers fans are already Tommy fantards.  Come on, Power Rangers is a franchise that needs new ideas for the franchise.  Tommy for one is overused.  I would admit he was my favorite ranger for some time, but honestly, I feel like the guy is overly overused and for me, I stopped with Zeo and don't want to rewatch it.  And as a Power Rangers fan who can turn on to neutral mode, I don't really, really like the idea of Tommy being overused.  And I would be honest, the Zordon arc started to bore me pretty fast to the point I could only rewatch MMPR Season 1!  And I'm ranting on Tommy's being an overrated and overused Power Ranger with Dino Charge coming in, and perhaps Judd Lynn may have burned himself beyond belief!

I really was thinking that for a Tommy fan, Tommy in many suits is cool but for me it just got BOOOORING.  So I did enjoy him being the White Ranger for awhile but MMPR Season Two was suffering from serious decay. Aside from Lord Zedd suffering from half-brained plans to inconsistent personalities (ex. he shifts in between silly to scary after his marriage to Rita, he could have kept that scary personality while being Rita's hubby), Tommy went hyper and cocky which I failed to notice.  And also, I thought that during Zeo while he had his worth but come on!  I really felt he was getting, GETTING OVERUSED!

Okay it was cool to have him in Dino Thunder but I would prefer him in non-ranger roles.  I mean, give new rangers a chance!  Somebody else could have been the Black Dino Ranger!  Why Tommy?!  I could care less if Tommy appears in Dino Charge but please, no more henshin for him.  He's already past his prime and new talents must be given more place.  And also, most Tommy fans like me have grown up already.  I hate how one of my favorites gets victimized by poor production and bad writing... which makes me think is it worth it for me to continue supporting Power Rangers?  FYI I'm also taking a break from newer Super Sentai too!


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