Why I Think Kimberly Hart is THAT Popular and Overrated

Well I would admit I am a Kimberly fan BUT I'd also want to express why I think she is pretty much overrated.  It's stupid how I once joined a Tokusatsu community that talked about girls most of the time maybe because it lacked girls to balance it?!  For one, heroines were created as role models for both genders, not just for girls or boys... and I personally believe that Kimberly Hart is really, I mean REALLY that popular AND overrated.

Now drum role...

Kimberly for me is pretty much a wall breaker aside from her other friends.  If Zack started out to empower blacks, Trini trying to empower Asian... Kimberly was probably a character that was liked for wrong reasons.  I would admit for a 23 year old actress, Amy Jo Johnson looked more like she was not an adult in the show.  She had a charm as an actress that is quite hard to replicate though as an actress, she's not THAT great, I mean she's no Emmy Awards material but I'll admit Kimberly has somewhat a place in Tokusatsu fandom, not Tokusatsu fanta

She starts of pretty ditzy, shallow and she's not all that interesting.  I mean, she felt like she was just there for display though I'll admit, she is also the heart of the team.  BUT I must also admit for character flaws, she is far too blunt!  I mean, remember that episode "Different Drum"?  Billy tried to imitate the girls in that episode, he has a mishap and Kimberly says, "Let me give you a little advice Billy, that's not the way to meet girls."  While there's meat in that statement, but sometimes even some women think that was being too blunt.  Though I was perfectly fine with it... I mean both genders do need to speak out what needs to be spoken.

But what I just can always admit is that she's really, really hot.  I mean, while I continued watching Super Sentai and always liking Power Rangers less (some PR/Sentai fans will like one more ove rthe other like you like both beef and pork, but you like pork more), I would admit I followed the show because of her.  So okay she is hot but I would admit some other weaknesses of her.  Often that could be ignored is that she's probably sub-par, she tends to be physically weaker.  So one can argue, she does make it up with her wits which is true. I mean Billy tends to be so disorganized and she is pretty witty, I think she can outsmart Billy!  Now again, every character has their flaw and she is no exception to the rule.  She is NOT perfect okay?!  But I do think her being weaker but sharp-minded is what makes her as she is.

What I started to dislike was when Kimberly had ended up as Tommy's damsel in distress, something that writers should have not done.  It was nice to have Tommy arrive and get her interesting but she had to suffer character decay, got really weakened and all.  I also had thought that her being sick and could have been killed during the "Friend in Need" arc was just stupid. I guess that's why Amy Jo Johnson felt like she was being wasted.  I would have also left the set if I were in her place.  MMPR was getting popular but the overextension was killing it.  And I would admit, I only end up rewatching MMPR for the first season most of the time.

I'd probably also bring up the "Dear John" letter which was just bad writing.  It's just plain shitty bad writing that would encourage anyone to just dump anyone.  I mean, it's wrong, just wrong.  The Dear John letter was bad writing by Douglas Sloan or probably producers' revenge.  The event may have caused people not only to bash the writers but also, Kat herself.  Okay I do find Kat boring, not my type but I don't hate her either.  In fact, I thought Kat's concept CAN be reused and improved in future installments.  But to simply bash Kat over Kimberly wasn't just the right thing to do.


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