How I Wish Axl Was Carried Out in Megaman X

Axl was a character in Megaman X who was introduced in Megaman X7.  What was interesting with him he was a prototype of a new generation robot.  I even feel he was from the last century.  Now here's one character I always thought Axl was based from...

Every time I use Axl, I am reminded of Bass due to the ability to shoot at multiple directions with rapid shots. The design is similar.  Both of them are master infiltrators, masters of directional rapid shots, they are both arrogant jerks but are in denial they have justice energy.  Axl in Megaman X7 was introduced as a member of the Red Alert vigilante.  Now what did I think should have been done with Axl?  I thought he should be closer to Bass in this way.  He should be more arrogant as well, which he could be the foil against Megaman X and Zero.

Place some hints that he could be Bass or not Bass.  Make him, "Nobody beats Megaman X and Zero but me!" type of character.  Megaman X7's ending could have Axl coming in disguised as Red, beats Sigma, helps Megaman X and Zero.  Then what?  I could think, "Nobody beats Megaman X and Zero but me!"  I could also put some hints like, "Well wasn't Axl the second to the last of the late mad scientist's creations?" which may refer him to being one of Wily's robots from the last century.

While playing Megaman X Command Mission, I even felt like the Absolute Zero mode SHOULD have been for Axl.  I mean, Axl was really the closest thing to a Bass tribute that Zero wasn't.  I thought that if Axl became "Absolute Axl" and maybe, he can fire those laser beams or do stuff like that, it might be the best Bass shoutout ever done for the character.


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